Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rj's Internet Safety Post

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Internet Safety

Here are some Internet Safety.

the message of this video is

Your digital footprint is important because

It's Your Choice

  1. don't take means to your heart.
  2. Find things you like to do and people you like to do it with.
  3. When it gets rough, get help.
  4. Don't loose hope.
  5. Have confidence.

Talent Show Cyber Bullying 

  1. Don't write it when you can't say it face to face to them.
  2. Don't be mean to people.
  3. Don't treat people bad because they might do the same
  4. Don't think you can erase your actions once you've done it.
  5. Think about the consequences that will happen when you get in trouble.

Words Hurt

  1. Words hurt dont leave part of it.
  2. Ignore them.
  3. leave them alone.
  4. Words hurt people.
  5. Dont be part of it when they stop bullying you.
Kitchen:Cyber Bullying
  1. If you cant say it in face why say it online.
  2. say "stop it" to the person who's bullying you or someone.
  3. leave the place where its happening.
  4. Don't say mean things to people because it doesnt change anything but the way people will threat you.
  5. Dont talk negative about someone.
Bulletin Board

  1. Don't post anything that's embarrassing.
  2. anyone can see your post.
  3. think before you post.
  4. don't post things your going to regret in the future.
  5. don't post picture of yourself that will make people make fun of you.


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